My Favorite Pole Products

Let’s get this blog going, shall we? I am joining a blog hop where the theme for March is pole products. After almost two years I have found my favorites, but it’s always fun to see what other dancers use/like/recommend as well, so definitely check out the links in the blog hop at the bottom of this post. Since I don’t have that many products I use, I figured I’d also include a couple of links to websites where I’ve found some great stuff before.

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To The New Beginnings

I have tried blogging about pole on my regular blog. I have tried using Tumblr. Then I figured that I might as well suck it up and start something more permanent, as I sure as heck won’t stop poling any time soon. So, here I am with a new blog dedicated to all things pole. Expect a mixture of practice updates, inspiration, performance planning, photography, and costuming experiments – all I can guarantee is that it’ll all be related to pole.

For now, check out my About Me page if you’re new here, and please leave a link to your own pole blog if you have one!